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A leader in treating sciatica and chronic back pain

Sequoia Physical Therapy is proud of its reputation for delivering outstanding therapeutic outcomes, especially in treating chronic back pain and sciatica. Whether the pain is caused by herniated or bulging discs, degenerative disc disease or even completely collapsed discs- there is hope. This new treatment is called Pneu-Back Program, although we like to call it Dynamic Spinal Rejuvenation. If you have back pain or shooting pain down your legs and other treatments did not help, call us.

"I’ve had a great deal of pain in my back.  I went to a pain management doctor and he suggested I may have surgery… which was totally unacceptable.  I returned to my doctor and he sent me to Sequoia Physical Therapy because they had the Pneu-Back Program.  I had 26 visits after which I was pain free. I no longer use my walker.  I am back to working as a volunteer. I do travelling.  Sequoia Physical Therapy, you gave me my life back.  Thank you!" - Marie L. - Buena Park

Perhaps you are like Marie and other patients who have tried chiropractic, physical therapy, epidurals, acupuncture and more and received little help. Do not give up hope. The Pneu-Back Program is helping patients when nothing else has. To learn more just call (714) 523-3822

Sequoia also uses advanced therapy equipment so you can rehab like a professional athlete.  Two key pieces of equipment are the vibration plate and the unweighted treadmill.  Whole body vibration therapy has proven to improve walk and balance in the elderly, strengthen muscle performance and reduce inflammation.  The unweighted treadmill is used to increase safety, provide buoyancy and speed recovery with controlled weight-bearing walking.

If you have questions about your first visit or would like to review frequently asked questions, please see our Experience page.

Sequoia is your key to an active lifestyle. Whether your goal is to age successfully, return to work quickly or get back in the game - Sequoia Physical Therapy can help.

Preventing falls and fall injuries among seniors

Did you know falls cause over 90% of broken hips and are the most preventable cause of admission to a nursing home? Sequoia PT has developed a leading fall prevention program. If you or someone you love is afraid of falling, read about our fall prevention program here or contact us to learn how falls can be prevented.